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Abstract Writing Rules

Abstracts "Microsoft Word" File version should be written in English. Prepared abstract; Unless a Turkish character is used, the selected subject-title number must be given as the first letter of the participant's name and the full surname filename (for example, Oral_SCanbulat_NGultepe).

Page size: A4 (29,7 × 21,0 cm).

Margins: Margin should be arranged as up:2.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left 3.0 cm, right 2.5 cm.

Font Type: Times New Roman font type and 12 point should be used. Title and text should be arranged as single gap.

Title: Title should be qualified to reflect the content of work. First letter of each words will be capital. Title should be bold and justified. Title can not be include abbreviation (taxons should be written in italic and author name exclude). Centered, the first line of the paragraph should be 0 cm, pre-paragraph 0 nk, post-paragraph 0 nk, line spacing single line, font 12 pt. The title should not contain abbreviations (taxon names must be in italic and have no author names) and should be no more than 2 lines.

Authors: Name of authors should be written clearly (No abbreviation). Academic titles should not be used. Foundations and addresses should be given with superscript. Name and surname of the presenter should be underlined. The first letter of the paragraph should be 0 cm, 12 nk before paragraph, 0 nk after paragraph, 1 line of line, 10 font of font, and the name and surname of the author to be presented should be underlined.

Address: Centered, the first line of the paragraph should be clearly indicated by 0 cm, pre-paragraph 0 nk, post-paragraph 0 nk, line spacing single line, font italic, 10 point font, different addresses with upper symbols (1, 2, ...). Provinces should not be capitalized. Only the responsible author's e-mail address should be included.

Subtitles and text: Based on two sides, the first line in the paragraph should be 0 cm, 6 nk before paragraph, 0 nk after paragraph, line spacing single line, font 10 point and only title bold type. The summary text should include "Introduction", "Material and Methods", "Results", "Conclusion and Discussion" with a maximum of 5 key words and three lines if there is a "thank you" section. "Keyword" should not be typed in. "Key words" should be given in a way that two lines do not pass. Figures or tables are not allowed in the text.

Introduction section; Important studies related to topic and novelty of work should be defined. If ethics committee decision is needed, number of the committee decision should be added to end of the text.

Material ve Methods section; Material, method and operations which is used in study should be defined clearly.

Results & Discussion section; Obtained data should be given. In this section, author(s) should be examine the results of observations, calculation or evaluation.

Number of pages; The entire text will not exceed 400 words and 1 page. The ethics committee decision should be added to the end of the ethics committee decision text when necessary.


***The notification will be evaluated by both referees "Double Blind Peer-Review Process principle" in terms of originality and presentation.

***Work that is not presented will not be included in the symposium summary book.

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